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My Life. My Dreams. My Nightmares.
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Steve came home today at apx 6:00pm.  He called my name and I went downstairs, where he was laying on the black couch, eyes closed, covered in his blanket.  I asked him what was wrong and he promptly snapped back that he has been "shitting all day" and that his "asshole was bleeding".  I asked him if I could make him some food, he snapped no.  I asked if I could get him Imodium, he snapped no.  He then said he would take lidocaine, to which I responded I had none but I could but some from cvs if I could take his car, to which he rolled his eyes and snapped back "I don't need u to do anything ok? just sit there and let me lay here".  I asked if he wanted me to put the tv on and he said he didn't care.  Every response was quick and sharp.  There was a long pause before I broke the silence and asked if he would like to leave his insurance info home tomorrow and while he was at work I could find him a new gastroenterologist in his new insurance plan.  He said something like "yeah right"... I stuck patient....I bit my inner cheek harder and harder to silence myself.  I calmly said that bc he has chrones and is getting worse that he should really see a GI.  Thus began the "perfect storm".

it happened very fast so I can't be as precise as I'd like, which is a shame bc Steve can spin a complete dissociative reality with detailed lies and manipulative fiction within seconds if needed.  He was screaming "WATCH HOW LONELY U WILL BE BC IM DIVORCING U OH MY GOD JUST LOOKING AT YOU AND HOW DISGUSTING YOU ARE....YOU ARE YOUR MOTHER.  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT BC I FEEL SOOOOO SORRY FOR YOU".

he took my phone and threw it underneath the couch when I said that I was going to record this because I knew he'd recant , as during these arguments he says the most insanely hateful things, including repeating "I HATE YOU, EVERYBODY HATES YOU AND ARE SCARED TO TELL U BC THEY THINK U WILL 'STAB THEM IN THEIR SLEEP' ", 


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One pic 'teaser' then quite a variety of me doing, well, me (lol) under cut :p

Please come, review, discuss ;)

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